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【学术报告】Direct phasing of protein crystals
时间:2019年09月02日 07:44  来源:淮师资讯网  发布者:9159.com  温世正  点击:

【学术报告】Direct phasing of protein crystals

报告人:何洪兴  博士

时 间:2019年9月2日(周一)下午15:00

地 点:长江路校区理工北楼204会议室

主 办:物理与电子电气工程学院



报告内容:The structure of a protein is built from its electron density mapwhich could be calculated by a Fourier transform. The magnitudes of the Fouriercoefficients are recorded by the X-ray diffraction pattern of the proteincrystal. The phases of the Fourier coefficients are lost. Solving the phaseproblem is crucial for building the model of a protein structure.

An iterative transformmethod is proposed for solving the phase problem in protein crystallography. Ineach iteration, a weighted average electron-density map is constructed todefine an estimated protein mask. Density modifications are then imposed throughthe histogram matching technique in the protein region, and the hybridinput–output algorithm in the solvent region. Starting from random initialphases, after thousands of iterations the calculated protein mask evolves intothe correct shape and the phases converge to the correct values with an averageerror of for high-resolution data forseveral protein crystals with high solvent content. With the use of non-crystallographicsymmetry and other density constraints, the method has been extended to phaseprotein crystals with less than 50% solvent fraction. The new phasing algorithmcan supplement and enhance the traditional refinement tools.


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